Brightline, a new privately owned train in South Florida, is hoping to clear up highway congestion by taking some of the cars off the road while still making a profit.

Are private commuter trains the answer to congested highways?


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They CAN Be, If.......

....if you have a FL governor (Rick Scott) with close ties to your rail company and who makes Trump sound like George Washington. You've struck a nerve with me. The short version, here:

"Scott's chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, used to work for a company owned by All Aboard Florida's (Brightline's) corporate parent, Florida East Coast Industries. Before joining Scott's team in July 2012, Hollingsworth was chief executive of Parallel Infrastructure, an FECI unit that seeks to build cellphone towers along rail line rights of way." (Tampa Bay Times, June 8, 2014.)

Meanwhile, Scott defeated a proposal to build a high-speed rail line between Orlando & Tampa, a route now infamously drowning in commercial & tourism traffic along I-4. Why? He had no buddies who could profit from that line, unlike with Brightline. Oh, and, in doing so, Scott in 2011 rejected $2 billion from the enemy (er, the Obama administration) for said Orlando-Tampa run.

Speaking of that cherry tree: (link...)

It's looking like Scott may very well replace Dem U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, this fall. And you think things are rotten in Congress, now....wait'll Skeletor takes his seat.

Follow the money. Always.

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