Nov 5 2022
12:47 pm

In a brief look at early and absentee voting totals for Knox County, it looks like the turnout is down 33% from 2018. In addition, 60% of early and absentee voters are 60 and older.

Will there be a huge turnout on election day or are Knox County voters depressed and apathetic? Or, does it mean all is well, no changes needed? Maybe, right now and for several years, voting in Tennessee is a futile effort?

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From Chattanooga, News

From Chattanooga, News Channel 9

For, Georgia, "According to the statewide election office, as of Thursday morning, more than two million people have voted. The total turnout for the 2022 general election is 25 percent higher."
"Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett reported Thursday morning that after 13 days of early voting, turnout is down by almost 39 percent compared to the same time period for the last midterm, in 2018."

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Tennessee is an outlier,

Tennessee is an outlier, again.

Americans have cast more ballots ahead of Election Day than they did during early voting before the last midterm election, continuing a trend of increasingly relying on early voting despite vocal objections from some Republicans.


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The effort is not futile, it is fertile. We grow a bigger, better electorate with hard effort every year. There are good candidates out there. I've met many in my travels, and people have been kind enough to say I am one, too.

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I don't think people are being kind. I think you are getting an honest assessment. You are the best candidate in your race.

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We have come a long way from only white men with property being allowed to vote. It's been a long hard fight and we need to keep fighting. Republicans are taking away our democracy and refusing to accept election results unless they favor the ignorant and racist MAGA white boys. Get your ass out there and do your duty. Vote!

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