The New York Times has an article warning that map apps may not provide the best alternative route, "Snow Closed the Highways. GPS Mapped a Harrowing Detour in the Sierra Nevada."

There were heavy snow storms in California closing interstates. GPS mapping sent people to dirt roads and small two lane roads.

What would make you think you could get to/through a mountainous area covered with snow and interstates were closed? The best route from the San Francisco area to Truckee, CA, or Reno, NV, may have been via San Diego then... No wait, after looking at a map there is no good route during a snow storm.

We drove two lane roads from Yosemite to Reno, NV, one time. It was getting late and there was a light snow. That was scary enough without a snow storm and 10 feet of snow.

Several years ago we drove to Tellico Plains, TN, Green Cove Campground. We decided to take a gravel/dirt road to the Cherohala Skyway. It takes a while to drive 10 miles or so on a gravel/dirt road. No cell signal, no houses, stores. The only people we saw were bear hunters with their dogs. A little Deliverance feeling. Luckily our car made it without issue. As in Apocalypse Now, "don't get off the boat!", unless you know what you are in for.

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North River Road.

You were on North River Road. There are campgrounds (primitive) and a couple outhouses of the federal nature. It's a nice drive, but none of my satellite stuff works up there. Green Cove may have wi-fi now.

I need to get ready and go do some running for mayor stuff though now.

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North River

The North River Road is one of my favorite places on this earth. I've camped there and fished the Tellico River for decades. I had a 'jerry can' mounted to the back of my Nissan Pathfinder and had to use it several times to rescue other vehicles that had run out of gas. You don't get very good mileage crawling up and down those hills.

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GPS and Max Patch

I've been going to Max Patch on and off for decades but it's become too crowded lately. Most people couldn't use a map well enough in the past to get there but now the GPS takes them right there.

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My shack

I own a shack just over the N.C. line on a creek. I bought it years ago when my joints began to hurt during camping. I love it up there. I'm the token liberal.

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A shack on a creek! I'm jealous. I looked long and hard for such a thing in the TN mountains to no avail.

Are you comfortable revealing the general location?

As for Max patch, directions are very easy, just go to the end of the road and turn left. I'd blame social media for showing how beautiful it is.

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Te description I gave.

Pretty much gives iy away.Third shack from the bottom on the US Geological survey map from 1968.

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