Feb 12 2020
06:56 pm

If you feel like you have to crossover vote, who do you recommend?

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Crossover which way? To vote

Crossover which way? To vote for who?

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Glad you asked

I’ve spent a good chunk of the last few days trying to convince D friends they should vote in the R primary. The exception is if you live in District 1 where two viable D candidates are running against each other for County Commission. All other Ds are unopposed and will progress to the general. The CC races for Districts 4 and 5 each have two Rs and one D. One of the Rs in each race are reasonable and acceptable people. The other Rs in each race are scary and well financed. I think it’s important to make sure neither of these two candidates progresses to the general so they won’t have a chance of being elected.

There’s also a clear choice in the law director’s race and in the public defender’s race. Both of these races will be decided in the primary. School Board races are nonpartisan and will appear on both R and D ballots.

The downside to this strategy is you’ll be denied the opportunity to vote in the D presidential primary.

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Is a great idea.

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I'm not throwing away my presidential vote. In the past I have voted in the Republican Primary because that's where the candidates were and I certainly am scared of scary candidates, but I'm hoping against hope that Tennessee will play a part in Super Tuesday and have a voice in the eventual nominee.

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Hope is good...

Hope is good. Realism is better.

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Tennessee's voice

If I understand the delegate process correctly, Tennessee should have an interesting vote(s) at the convention. At the end of the day, platform unity and Party unity will hopefully prevail.

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Worth crossing over

To vote in the R primary solely to vote for Eric Lutton for public defender. The other candidate has almost zero legal experience and would likely fire half the current staff, who are very good at their jobs. If you care at all about legal representation for the poor, your vote will matter far more in this election than in the Dem presidential primary.

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Can someone point to a

Can someone point to a comprehensive summary of the candidates? Or give your own opinion. I am not familiar with hardly any of them. Thanks

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Compass... (link...) (Free



(Free content)

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Happy to

Happy to when I have more time later today. Cwg is correct about Lutton and the PD’s race.

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I’ll put in a plug for Tina Marshall for Property Assessor.

She’s worked in that office for many years and is very smart. And not a radical R. But I’m not that familiar with the incumbent, i will add.

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You have to care about local government

My strategy is only effective if
1. You don't live in District 1 where there are two viable Democratic candidates.
2. You care passionately about local government, especially if you live in Districts 4 or 5 where there are two unacceptable and well financed Republican candidates.
3. You aren't convinced your vote in the presidential primary will make a significant difference. I understand it's hard to give this up.

The following are my opinions. Others may have different opinions about the candidates

Law Director: The candidate to vote for is David Buuck who will be independent and represent Knox County. His opponent is more likely to side with the mayor. (Think Barr and Trump, although hopefully not that bad). This race will be decided in the primary.

Public Defender: The clear choice here is Eric Lutton, who is far more qualified. This race will be decided in the primary.

County Commission District 4: Vote for Scott Broyles and keep his Republican opponent out of the general election. There's also a viable Democrat in the race who will make it to the general regardless.

County Commission District 5: Vote for John Schoonmaker, the incumbent, and keep his Republican opponent out of the general. There's also a viable Democrat in this race.

CC District 2: One Republican and one Democrat. The Republican is a decent candidate. Vote for him or leave it blank. They'll both proceed to the general.

CC Districts 6, 8, and 9. There is only one Republican and no Democratic challenger. Except for Law Director and Public Defender, it's less important to vote in the Republican primary if you live in these districts, .

There are better and worse candidates in a couple of other races, but I don't think there's a huge difference between them. There are no Democrats in these races.

School Board races are nonpartisan and will appear the same on either ballot. I recommend voting for Jennifer Owen in District 1 and Tony Norman in District 2. Their opponents tend to be well financed by donors with an agenda. I don't have a choice yet in District 8.

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To the democrats that don't cross over.

This is not only the strongest field, but the strongest bench and young talent the democratic party has seen in years. We are now every political spectrum from what republicans claim they are and most wish they were, to those batshit liberals that want universal healthcare, pension bailout and reform, subsidized school lunches,( they're not free, they are a cost effective means of improving school performance. It's literally the cheapest and most effective thing we can do. The kitchens are built, let's use them.), access to public education, honest government, Medicare, medicaid, VA reform, etc.

The point is this. At this moment the democratic party owns the voting block from sane republican to batshit crazy liberal. (That would be me.) I see this as a good thing. Let's put our heads together, put together a platform and retool our nation. Our county, district, and national conventions are important. I believe we should allow the exchange of open ideas as long as possible.

If you vote in the democratic party primary you are eligible to participate in you county and district conventions. There are rules beyond that, but I'm not sure what they are. Hopefully, I'll find out.
Apparently in Tennessee we both vote and caucus.

Show up and make sure your candidate is represented by a delegate. Otherwise, even if he or she wins a vote, there's no one to carry that vote to the convention.

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Presidential Primaries

Your vote counts significantly more in them than it does in the general election (where it doesn’t.) I would strongly suggest voting in the democratic primary so we can help get someone other than Biden as the candidate and avoid a repeat of last election where the democratic nominee expects to be crowned.

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good point

i agree that biden would be a disaster! folks who decide to vote in the dem primary should definitely not vote for him.

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There are seven items on the

There are seven items on the Democratic ballot with no candidates. There is only 1 item on the Republican ballot with no candidate. I am surprised there is no Democrat running in District 9 (South).

Knox County

Democratic Ballot

Criminal Court Judge 6th Judicial District Division II
No Candidate Qualified

Public Defender
No Candidate Qualified

County Commissioner District 6 (Northwest-County, Hardin Valley/Karns)
No Candidate Qualified

County Commissioner District 8 (East-County, Carter, Corryton, Mascot)
No Candidate Qualified

County Commissioner District 9 (South)
No Candidate Qualified

Assessor of Property
No Candidate Qualified

County Law Director
No Candidate Qualified

Republican Ballot

County Commissioner District 1 (Downtown, East-City, Fort Sanders, Univ. of TN)
No Candidate Qualified

And, then there is the long list of Republican delegates that makes the Republican ballot a lot longer to complete.
29 Republican at-large delegates from which to choose 14 (24 committed to Trump, 5 uncommitted).
6 Republican 2nd Congressional District delegates (5 committed to Trump, 1 uncommitted).

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Carson is good

No Democrat from South because Carson Daily is doing a good job. Same reason no Republican from First District.

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David Buuck

I'd like to put in an endorsement for David Buuck. From my previous encounters when he was in private practice I found him to be a man of integrity.

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