Sep 24 2007
10:10 pm

This will make you wince.

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Not a good showing by Blackburn (R-GOP Talking Points).

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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Wonder when the last time

Wonder when the last time was that she attended a funeral for a fallen serviceman/woman.


I'm a guy in a Reagan mask -- and I'm running for President!

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She probably is like our

She probably is like our President. Never has gone to a soldiers funeral.

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When I lived in Middle Tenn,

When I lived in Middle Tenn, Marsha Blackburn was always running for one office or another. Everything from a local office, to state rep, to the one she finally won. I have met her on several occassions, and each time I think less of her.

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And she's pretty short, too. -- s.

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MSNBC Retraction

MSNBC ran the following retraction:

"DAVID SHUSTER: On Monday evening while guest-hosting the 6 p.m. evening hour, I conducted an interview with Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn. The congresswoman spoke at length about a newspaper ad that criticized General Petraeus. In what I believed was an effort to examine Representative Blackburn's priorities, I then asked her to name the last soldier from her congressional district killed in Iraq.

"She responded "the name of the last soldier killed in Iraq from my district, I do not know." After that response, I identified who I believed to be that fallen soldier, a Tennessean killed in Iraq last month. But according to Pentagon documents, that young man came from a town inside a neighboring congressional district, not from Representative Blackburn's, and for that, I apologize for that mistake."

I'm not opposed to hardball, gotcha politics; however, if you're going to attack someone, at least get your facts right. Apparently, the soldier identified by MSNBC's Shuster was actually from Tanner's district.

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That seems a fitting

That seems a fitting conclusion to yet another round of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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The following ran in the Commercial Appeal this morning:

"But Shuster's apology may have been premature. The tiny hamlet of Bon Aqua, Tenn., is where Bohannon lived in the months immediately prior to entering the Army. The Census Bureau places his home in Blackburn's 7th Congressional District.

"He lived in Bon Aqua for "close to a year" immediately prior to entering the Army, said Tonya Taylor, 35, who permitted him to stay at her house while Bohannon was dating her daughter.

"Bohannon grew up, was home-schooled and was buried in McEwan, which is clearly in the 8th Congressional District of U.S. Rep. John Tanner, D-Tenn. But his last legal address was in Blackburn's district."

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It sounds like Bon Aqua is

It sounds like Bon Aqua is one of those towns that sits astride our delightfully convoluted district lines.

Apparently the Pentagon routinely informs Congressional reps when one of their constituents is killed, and Bohannon's notice went to Tanner. That suggests Shuster's answer was wrong, but it also means it is more reasonable to expect a Congressman to know specific names. Still, Shuster should have softened his questioning and just asked things like "How many soldier from your district have died in Iraq?" and "How many funerals have you attended?" He was too eager to get to gotcha.

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