Jun 29 2006
04:04 pm

Rather than whining about what or who will be on the ballot, all these term limited folks have opponents that can solve the term limits issue real quick, by taking their spots if you vote for them. Don't like Billy Tindell write in Amy Broyles, don't like Diane Jordan, vote for Della Volpe or Drew, don't like John Griess Vote for Tom Salter, vote for Joan Wagner in John Schmid's seat etc etc etc, Tyree for Sheriff, Andrews for Chancellor, Bailey and Irvine for judge and Emge for Register of Deeds. We have a chance to get new folks in if people vote for them. Stacey

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I have to take you to task

I have to take you to task with your statement about "whining about what or who will be on the ballot". Requiring County Commissioners to obey the law is not whining.

What are you trying to say? Should we ignore the fact that the law was established in 1994 and since that time these County Commissioners have successfully ignored and refused to follow the law?

Between 82 to 84 percent of the registered voters choose not to vote. Why should this be settled at the ballot box? Why should this happen at all?

This has been government sanctioned anarchy. Do you think that may be the reason people choose not to vote?

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What do you suggest

What do you suggest the people do, Number9?  Seriously; I'm not being facetious.  I've not been following this saga like I should, so sorry if you've already been promoting a solution.

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What do you suggest the people do

What do you suggest the people do, Number9?

Let's take a look and see what a voter can do. First I can vote. I can give money and time to a candidate. I can write letters to the editor of the local newspapers. I can go to meetings. I can call and visit family, friends, and neighbors and encourage them to vote or to vote for a particular candidate. I can write on blogs.

Net result? 18 percent of the registered voters will vote. Probably less in this August 3rd election. Will all my work and effort bring even one percent more in the vote? That would be 250 votes in the last election.

Probably not.

I don't have the answer of what a single person can do. I don't know how to take back our government.

Will organizing political parties bring people out to vote? Ask Stacey. I doubt it. Those that will vote are party line core voters. They knew who they would vote for a long time ago. On August 4th Stacey will be very disappointed with the results.

The problem is that our local government will not obey the law. The only way to make them obey the law if for someone with standing to file a lawsuit. I agree with rikki that the election for Knox County Commission is flawed to the point where it must be voided and must be started again from the beginning. That means that new candidates can come forward and a non-flawed election can take place.

I don't know who has standing to sue to void the County Commission election. What local attorney would take the case? What local Judge would hear the case? Would they hear the case in time to make a difference? I think you can see the problem.

To make a change we need money, lawyers, and people with standing. We need to go to court to take back our government.

If we had an honest fair press in this town it would help a great deal. But can you really blame people for not voting? Randy had it right when he made the joke about who the News Sentinel would endorse, Bob Corker, Bob Corker, or Bob Corker. I have read it would cost 500 million dollars to create a second daily newspaper in this town. Bill Dockery made the comment on k2k. I don't see how that is possible if his numbers are correct.

I will vote and I refuse to vote for any term limited incumbent. I hope you will do the same. I hope everyone that votes will do the same. But Billy Tindell, Phil Guthe, and John Griess will win their races. Diane Jordan and David Collins may also win.

There is no outrage and there is no shame. There is only apathy.

We are no longer governed. We are ruled.

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But Billy Tindell, Phil

But Billy Tindell, Phil Guthe, and John Griess will win their races. Diane Jordan and David Collins may also win.

I'm actually not so sure about Tindell.  But you can add Larry Clark and Mark Cawood to the list of term-limited Commissioners who will win (although at least they didn't join that awful lawsuit).

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John Schmid is a good man.

And he has my vote.  The rest I will vote against for the most part, I am sure. 

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Vote for Mark Harmon!

Mark Harmon will beat out David Collins. He has been campaigning hard for months. The voters in District 2 are fed up with the term limited incumbents and will go with the best candidate, Mark Harmon!

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