Miners on Tuesday blocked the tracks of a coal train in Kentucky for a second straight day as part of a standoff between a coal company that filed for bankruptcy and left nearly 400 workers without work and pay for a month.

Word quickly spread through the community around Cumberland, a town of about 2,200 in Harlan County in southeastern Kentucky. Dozens of miners began showing up to block the tracks -- angry that they mined the coal, but didn't get paid for the work.

Angry about no pay, Kentucky miners block train loaded with coal

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Good for them. However, are

Good for them. However, are they some of the ones that voted for Trump, thought he'd keep the coal industry running? If so, they should contact him. He knows all about bankruptcies.

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here is where to donate

here is where to donate: (link...)

courtesy of tom sexton of the trillbilly worker’s party

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