Apr 15 2021
01:00 am

Ancient Lore Village, a fantasy-themed event space in South Knoxville, is now open for business.

Fantasy-themed event space Ancient Lore Village opens in South Knoxville

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Well I have to admire the

Well I have to admire the effort.


I don't plan on going anytime soon because, well that's a lot of money to be spending. Even for event only stuff. Still not sure how I feel about it. Looks cool snd I like the attention to detail but still unsure about how it effects the local area.

Also, is this Fantasy Blackberry Farm?

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Ask the neighbors.

Noise, lights, more noise, more lights. This is an example of rich white men fulfilling fantasies at the expense of others.

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I don't think so.

Also, is this Fantasy Blackberry Farm?

I think it's more a hyperKnoxville pseudofantastic plagiarizy hotelization of Hobbiton. Pete Jackson built one like it, but his copy had a different purpose. And of course, it was properly credited.

There are many people of the Ancient Folklore World, and over time there have been many stories written about them. It’s possible that there are hundreds of dimensional worlds existing side by side. This book explores the Ancient Lore of two of them and in some instances crosses over to the First Dimension, which is the World of Man. In numerous stories written by many authors, these people have been characterized as both good and evil. The foundation of this book is that its description of these people, their homes, their language and characteristics are more accurate. The people of this book are all good, and none were ever evil. They simply carried out their duties as mystical guardians and legends for the people of the World of Man.

Egad. I think. Maybe I should read it first.

I'm all for fantasy. I weave it about myself all the time, but I've never woven a massively meta one around a creation myth and three or seven or nine languages I created. One shouldn't run around purloining the fantasy of his betters, and such activity shouldn't be, but nonetheless probably will be, rewarded.

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