Jan 17 2020
11:38 am

Amtrak wants to start a route between the two cities. The stops would Nashville International Airport, Murfreesboro, Tullahoma and Chattanooga.

Amtrak wants to connect Nashville to Atlanta

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Terrible idea

They should route it through here instead.

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It seems that would

It seems that would effectively turn Chattanooga into a suburb of Atlanta and Nashville. Would be a huge boon to those cities listed as stops.

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The stops are quoted from the

The stops are quoted from the original news article in the article post to Knoxviews above.

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There was another plan for a

There was another plan for a Knoxville - Chattanooga - Huntsville - Florence - Memphis route, with connection at Chattanooga for Atlanta.

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Source? (Meant to reply to

Source? (Meant to reply to you not JBR)

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I don’t know who originally

I don’t know who originally proposed this, but the route is shown on the “Proposed National Grid-and-Gateway Passenger Train Network” published on the website. As I recall, the route was proposed during the Haslam administration, and quickly dismissed. A Knoxville-Nashville route was not recommended because of the difficult topography.

(The yellow is existing, blue is proposed.)


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There had at one time already

There had at one time already been a Knoxville Nashville route in place.

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That's true, but I think

That's true, but I think there were technical problems running a high-speed rail trackbed along that route. At least, that's what I recall.

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wasn't high speed, but

in 1931 the Tenn. Central Railway had service from Hopkinsville to Harriman (continuing service to Knoxville by way of the Harriman & Northeastern/Southern Railway)

and this amtrak proposed service isn't high speed either

don't know what fragments of rail that might still exist but maybe a current CSX map would show that

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Any new passenger train is a good idea!

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