Oct 16 2017
11:47 am

UPDATE: The chamber responded to our inquiry about the groundbreaking:

AMI has not broken ground on the site. It has until Oct. 19 to do so.

AMI has asked for an extension. The Industrial Development Board of Blount County (IDB) is considering this proposal.

The IDB is committed to working with AMI to get this project started.

Original post continues below...

When we last checked on the highly touted Blount County ammo plant deal, the land had been repossessed, the owners had sold all their interest in the company, and reports said they had abandoned any plans for expansion in Tennessee.

Despite all this, the Maryville Daily Times and the local chamber of commerce said in April that the deal was still on and that they were planning to break ground in October.

Well, it's October. Still waiting for the announcement of when we can expect the big groundbreaking...

As you may recall, the deal involved an estimated investment of $500 million to as high as $1 billion, and was expected to bring more than 600 high-tech, high-paying jobs. State and local incentives topped $20 million, although it doesn't appear any of that money was ever spent. Gov. Haslam, Randy Boyd and local officials were on hand for the big announcement ceremony. Perhaps they have already received invitations to the groundbreaking and are working out the details.

yellowdog's picture

Who are these people?

Do they have the money? Do we need more bullets?

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Think the guy's name is Lyle Landley

The locals love it when he comes to town; (link...)

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Thanks! That is really funny,

except it really isn't.

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"You know a town with money

"You know a town with money is a little like a mule with a spinning wheel. No one knows how he got it and danged if he knows how to use it."

Could be the motto for Anytown, USA. It's become evident that mule would walk around a mile wide pothole to chase after that spinning wheel, even if it's imagined.

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It's over, dead, kaput

The "Industrial Development Board of Blount County says
AMI Investment Holdings failed to fulfill the terms of its contract."
At the time of negotiation, "IDB says they received a letter of good standing from AMI’s bank, spoke with its lenders and the leadership of the National Rifle Association." (Heh.)

Haslam's original announcement in Oct. 2015,

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Economic and Community Development Commissioner Randy Boyd along with Advanced Munitions International (AMI) announced today the company will build a global headquarters and state-of-the-art munitions manufacturing facility in Alcoa’s Partnership Park.

Does the Haslam admin adjust the totals for jobs they claim to have brought to Tennessee?

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Might be interesting

to see what the IDB does with the property. Blount County needs affordable housing more than an ammo plant.

In a Thursday release, IDB said they are negotiating with another development entity and consulting with private developers for use of the property.

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One problem, IMHO, in Blount

One problem, IMHO, in Blount County is the roads. The many skinny, curvy roads can't safely handle the added population. TDOT and local government want to build the big roads that won't help residential growth. They should be fixing the existing roads, e.g. Hwy. 411 from Maryville to Seymour.

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That improvement is "scheduled" for 2040. Really helpful.

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