Jul 21 2006
06:55 pm
From: "Marty for Mayor™" I too believe there is a need for change for those seeking / needing alternative views in your community. Please get out the vote in your community. Become educated on the issues and candidates. Likewise, become educated on my platform too: (link...) Sometimes, having an alternative choice is all you need to get off the couch and make it the polls. Please vote since it was privilege that was earned through great sacrifice. Ms. Marty
talidapali's picture

I about free

I about free rope toys and tug-of-war fundays on the city-county building lawn? that would be a decider for me...i gotta stand up with my boy, Pepper for tug-of-war...there can never be too much tug-of-war... 

"You can't fix stupid..." Ron White

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