Trying to access CVS, Volunteer Veterinary Hospital, the liquor store, Ginn Road, and Maloney Road going southbound on Alcoa Highway gets harder. Now (and forever according to TDOT) you have to take the Montlake Road exit and travel the frontage road. This is good for those that live in the neighborhoods, e.g. Lakemoor Hills, Timberlake.

However, if you are traveling southbound on Alcoa Hwy and miss the Montlake exit, forget about it. You would then have to exit John Sevier Hwy. Then, I guess, go to Maryville Pike and somehow turn around. Or possibly get on Maryville Pike northbound to Maloney Road, then get on the northbound frontage road to find a bridge access to crossover and get to the southbound frontage road to access the business or residential street you meant to access when you missed the Montlake exit.

They are removing, eventually, all Alcoa Hwy left turns, in Knox County anyway.

There used to be an exit to get off at Maloney Road where there is a new bridge. That way if you missed the Montlake exit you have a second chance. But alas, no more. Now, if you miss the exit you have to go on about an 8 mile roundtrip to get you back to where you missed your exit.

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