Jan 18 2019
07:27 am

Florida Power & Light Co. (NextEra Energy) plans to install more than 30 million solar panels around the state by 2030, increasing the company’s solar capacity from its current 950 megawatts to 11,000 megawatts. The dramatic drop in the cost of solar panels and the increased efficiency of solar panels helps make this possible.

The world's biggest solar producer will build Alabama's biggest solar farm in Hollywood, Alabama, in the next two years to supply renewable energy for Google's new data center.

NextEra Energy Resources (Florida Power & Light) will build a new 150-megawatt solar farm near the abandoned Bellefonte nuclear plant and sell the power to the Tennessee Valley Authority to help TVA deliver only renewable energy for Google's nearby facility.

A similar-sized solar farm also will be built by Invenergy in Yum Yum, Tennessee to supply another Google data center being built near Clarksville, Tennessee.

Collectively, the two solar energy companies will put up 1.6 million solar panels on the two parcels, representing the biggest solar installation in both Tennessee and Alabama, capable of generating up to 413 megawatts of electricity at peak periods from the sun.

I think the eventual goal should be to do like California has started doing and "require solar panels for new homes". Eventually, there should be solar panels on all residential and commercial roofs. We need to try and stop taking large areas, if possible.

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