May 17 2017
06:43 pm

Winner spent $6.6 million.

Conservative billionaires backed the winner.

"Not surprisingly, most of these billionaires are big backers of conservative Republican candidates and right-wing causes. Several are on the boards of charter school chains.

What do the corporate moguls and billionaires want? And what did Steve Zimmer do to make them so upset?

They want to turn public schools into educational Wal-marts run on the same corporate model."

Not only is the hostile takeover of public education dangerous and disgusting, we are way past time to get big money and dark money out of politics.

michael kaplan's picture

It's a $1.2 trillion

It's a $1.2 trillion industry, the second largest in the US next to health care. So yes, that's what the 'corporate moguls' want. It's a no-brainer.

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