Sep 20 2019
05:52 pm

90 seconds driving in Knoxville ...

SUV prepares to turn into liquor store, driver has cell phone held to right ear as city police officer passes in opposite direction within ~15 feet of SUV driver. Driver working at turning with one hand as other hand holds phone to ear

Driver at next intersection looking at phone in right hand as drives by

On Sutherland Ave wheelchair person turns on flashing lights to cross street, I stop as wheelchair is passing in front of me, driver in opposite direction drives thru lights looking at cell phone in right hand. Wheelchair person stops in my lane until car in opposite lane passes. Person driving car never noticing the wheelchair person. Car behind that car also looking at phone, but they stop abruptly after almost driving thru crosswalk. Wheelchair person completes crossing street

I haven't heard much about increased enforcement of cell phone lawt. Is it happening?

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Yeah, didn't last long. I've

Yeah, didn't last long. I've noticed people using their cellphones in cars just like they did before the new law.

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Speaking of driving

Speaking of driving observations, i was driving north on Alcoa Hwy. the other morning, around 7:45. I really feel bad for the people trying to leave the Green Acres site going south. It's a wreck waiting to happen. Drivers were darting out in front of cars with very little space. Yeehaw!

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What’s more distracting: taking a phone call in the car, eating while trying to talk into a hands free set, or looking intently at the person inside every passing vehicle to see if they’re on their phones?

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It’s just kind of sad when

It’s just kind of sad when people don’t have enough of their own business that they get stuck minding other people’s.

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When you are driving while

When you are driving while texting and run a red light and broadside me and send me or mine to the hospital or worse, well, then it becomes my business.

Where do you people come from?

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Distracted Engineering

Distracted driving is nothing new and designing a vehicle to better avoid driver distraction has been lost over the years. In older vehicles there was usually no lights on climate controls. The upper lever controlled the vents and lower lever controlled the heat. The fan switch was down for off and up for high. No need to take tour eyes off driving to look at control knobs. When I need to quickly defog my windows, I must look at control knobs or touch screen to operate. Common switches and controls should be shaped so drivers can adjust by feel without taking eyes off road. Designing a vehicle to avoid distractions has been around since the 40s, how about using it.

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