“What we have seen is an aggressive normalization of understaffing,” said Michelle Mahon, assistant director of nursing practice for the union National Nurses United. “The hospital industry has been capitalizing on this narrative that there’s a nursing shortage, when in fact there is not. There are a million nurses who are licensed to practice in this country who are not working in nursing largely because of understaffing and poor working conditions.”

36-hour shifts, 80-hour weeks: Workers are being burnt out by overtime

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You mean the profit motive in healthcare is costing lives?

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Private equity firms are

Private equity firms are buying up hospitals, nursing homes and ER operations. The drive for profits can run counter to helping patients, critics say.

Private equity firms now control many hospitals, ERs and nursing homes. Is it good for health care?

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State attorney general, doctors and nurses criticize HCA ...

Four years after it bought Mission Hospital, an 815-bed facility in Asheville, North Carolina, HCA Healthcare is under fire in the region, threatened with a lawsuit by the state attorney general and facing criticism from nurses and at least 124 current and former Mission doctors who say HCA, the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chain, is imperiling patient care at the facility in its pursuit of profits.

State attorney general, doctors and nurses criticize HCA over patient care at North Carolina's Mission Hospital

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Wow! Scary.

Wow! Scary.

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And it's one of the phenomena we're witnessing here as well. It's probably at the heart of our ambulance issue. Things were tenuous before covid, primarily due to growing pains and market adjustments during the shift from a mission based infrastructure to a corporate/profit based infrastructure. For instance, St. Mary's provided indigent mental health treatment, when they shut their service down, it was simply gone. Now, however, we are really at a crisis point in our local medical infrastructure. We desperately need Medical experts in our management chain of decision makers, we have none. They're all budget people. Nobody is there who even has a clue of what the operational goal of a system of medical infrastructure. That's how an attack like this works. There's a reason terrorism is defined as government acts solely for political gain to the public's detriment. This is how it works. It's like watching a slow motion train wreck.

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