Aug 19 2020
05:43 am

Democratic National Convention Schedule

Tennessee Democratic Party DNC Convention Portal

They are doing a good job.

As Dana Milbank, The Washington Post, said,

"Gone, mercifully, are the corporation-financed parties where lobbyists ply their trade and big donors buy access to public figures. Absent, thankfully, are the convention-floor pageantry and theatrics that haven’t meant a thing for decades. Missing, too, are the preening journalists bagging trophy interviews on media row. Vanished are the scores of interest groups threatening to withhold support if they don’t get their moments in the spotlight and their planks in a platform the nominee will eventually ignore.

As Democrats gather virtually for their 2020 political convention, they don’t have the luxury of a balloon-drop convention spectacle. None of us does. We are living in the worst of times. There is nothing to celebrate.

Instead, Democrats on Monday night gave us the somber moment we deserve: a recognition of the desperate condition Trump has put our country in, and a passionate call to action. Democrats of all variety — socialist and moderate, coastal and heartland, Black and White and Brown — may be geographically dispersed this week but they are uncommonly unified in one existential message."

At the convention Tuesday,

We are in a battle for the soul of our nation,” Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried began in a “keynote” montage of elected officials from around the country.

I do believe this is the case. We must vote and get our votes counted.

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