Oct 27 2011
01:30 pm

Sounds like the Shelby Co. Democratic Party over in Memphis is giving up. This can mean only one thing: we will all be assimilated by the Haslam borg.

bizgrrl's picture

Well, heck, everyone wants to

Well, heck, everyone wants to be part of the 1% like Haslam. If you get on his/their good side maybe you'll get rich.

Min's picture

Well, then...

I hope they have a daddy who's a good businessman, like Haslam does.

LeftWingCracker's picture

Thank you

For the shoutout, sir. I wrote about this almost a year ago and have been encouraging candidates privately. They should have had someone either announce one way or the other so that we could have had a candidate.

R. Neal's picture

Our county party chair had to

Our county party chair had to step up and run in a special election for State Senate. That's commitment!

Frankenshin's picture

Special elections

My goodness, what's happening in Shelby County? This is scary stuff.

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