Aug 1 2018
06:36 am

When was the last time the president went to the grocery store?

At a political rally last night in Tampa, he said:

"If you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card, you need ID," he said at the event at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. "You go out and you want to buy anything, you need ID and you need your picture."

Will he lie to get what he wants? How many attendees were even listening to his words? His followers just about pee in their pants to be in his presence. Maybe they'll be the next apprentice. Maybe they'll be invited to one of his properties. Maybe they'll be without healthcare, housing, and education. Wow! Build that wall! Lock her up!

Mike Daugherty's picture

Watching the unqualified

Watching the unqualified baffoon Trump try to lead our country reminds me of Chauncey Gardner in the movie, "Being There." Although Chauncey was better qualified and definitely more honest. It is unbelievable to know that close to 40 percent of voters support an unqualified jerk like Trump.

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