Aug 22 2018
05:16 pm

...when you get excited about getting a new vacuum cleaner. And it's probably your last one.

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Okay. What is it?

Okay. What is it?

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A plain ol' Hoover similar to

A plain ol' Hoover similar to the last one, except it's self-propelled. I was skeptical about that feature, but it actually seems to work great.

The old one was still working but the power cord was frayed to the point of being dangerous. I couldn't find an oem replacement and it looked complicated to install.

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Maybe ....

you will be able to send your vacuum cleaner to the store to get your groceries some day ...

Dyson's electric car plans are taking shape

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I have an old Kenmore and it

I have an old Kenmore and it has a light that comes on when dust is present and goes off when there's none. It actually seems to work pretty well.

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Ours is a Kenmore with that

Ours is a Kenmore with that feature. One day I got frustrated with our vacuum cleaner for being too loud, mostly, and so looked for the best rated model. I think Consumer Reports rated the Kenmore as about the best, IIRC, at least for the money. It might've been only slightly less quiet than whatever we had back then, but it does work pretty well.

I still think there's a market for a vacuum with a super quiet motor, even if it costs considerably more and doesn't otherwise work any differently. I thought Dyson could become that maker, as I hear they make a high-end hair dryer that's quiet. However, the Dyson hand dryers in public rest rooms are anything but quiet. I hate those.

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Kenmore still rates the best.

Kenmore still rates the best. We would have bought one but were a little hesitant as to the viability of the brand.

Kenmore may survive Sears, but will it be the same without Sears.

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I recently saw a Craftsman

I recently saw a Craftsman product advertised somewhere else--Ace hardware, I think.

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They sold the Craftsman brand

They sold the Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker. Lowes has them now, too.

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I suspected something like

I suspected something like that. Thanks.

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