Jan 9 2017
06:28 pm

Yeah, yeah, Alabama is in the SEC. Tennessee is in the SEC. The SEC is the greatest conference of all.

But Clemson is a scrappy, pretty great team who almost beat Alabama last year for the championship. They have a good coach, who is actually from Alabama and played at Alabama (unlike Nick Saban). Revenge is a dish best served cold. Except it's not very cold in Tampa.

Anyway, as seen on the Vol chat boards: "My favorite team? Tennessee. My second favorite team? Whoever is playing Alabama."

So there you go.

WhitesCreek's picture

Pulling for Clemson

Our boys were born right down the road from Clemson and my oldest graduated from there even though we moved to TN when he was four. His roommate was the Tiger mascot. I have a Clemson orange shirt and Clemson bleu cheese is the best ever.

Danged right I'm pulling for Clemson!

That said, I wouldn't bet money either way unless I was planning to throw it away.

R. Neal's picture

Another good reason. Agree on

Another good reason. Agree on not betting. Should be a good, close game.

xmd's picture

I grew up in Anderson, SC.

I grew up in Anderson, SC. 5th grade through high school. It's hard not to pull for Clemson.

bizgrrl's picture

Go Clemson!

Go Clemson!

WhitesCreek's picture

Happy Dance!

Happy Dance!

bizgrrl's picture

Wow! I admit I fell asleep.

Wow! I admit I fell asleep. Congrats to the Tigers!

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Was Lane Kiffin pulling for

Was Lane Kiffin pulling for Clemson?

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