Feb 8 2006
10:33 am

In political posturing at its finest, Ivan Harmon is trying to put a resolution before the Knox County Commission urging all American citizens to proclaim to every level of government its responsibility to publicly recognize God as the Foundation of our National Heritage.

First amendment?  Never heard of it.

Barry's picture

Hey, you got your government in my God!

I guess the key is the difference between the words "urge" and "force", although the distinction probably isn't that clear to Harmon. Or rather to the local Christian group(s) that are "urging" him to do this, whichever they are. I doubt this is really all Harmon's inspiration. This is mostly an eye-rolling issue to me, rather that one where I really fear the concepts of church/state are being threatened. It's rather toothless, I'm assuming, but not knowing the full text of the proposal it's impossible to tell. I wish I could hear a one or two line reasoning behind the need for this resolution from him or whoever is pushing it. Makes me wish I still lived in the city limits when I could have had a dog in the fight.
SayUncle's picture

 I wish I could hear a one

 I wish I could hear a one or two line reasoning behind the need for this resolution from him or whoever is pushing it

 To get votes.

--- SayUncle Can't we all just get a long gun?

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God the bricklayer

I thought sorcery was the foundation of our government. Weren't most of the founding fathers Masons? What's with all the voodoo symbolism all over our money and seals and monuments? I don't see fishes and chi rhos on our money. I see eyeballs floating over pyramids.
redmondkr's picture

As if that mess in the

As if that mess in the Middle East weren't enough warning about theocracies

nill illigitimi carborundum

CE Petro's picture

This Has a History

I was surprised that Michael didn't even allude to his coverage of the God Resolutions in 2003 and 2004. I posted on some of the history of God Resolutions in Knox County, pulling out my hard-copy file of news story clippings and referring to the same, as well as I copies of objections/rebuttals to the Knox COunty Commissioners. In retrospect of my posting, I am not surprised Harmon has waited to reintroduce the erroneously written and historically inaccurate resolution. I am saddened that this man would like to simply ignore the tumultuous religious history of this country.

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