Aug 2 2007
10:59 am

The Mrs. picked up a copy of the latest Knoxville Voice yesterday, and I am impressed with how the only locally owned, independent alternative newspaper has grown and flourished since its humble launch.

The paper's layout keeps improving, and currently sports a hard, edgy, somewhat foreboding look that says "you should be paying attention to this and you probably haven't even heard about it!" and compels you to read and be outraged, amazed, informed, or at least entertained.

The current issue is an eclectic offering of great local writing and thought, with features, columns, reporting, and reviews that you won't find in the local mainstream media. Here's a sampler:

Catch up on county corruption (check out the graph)

Launch of the local Progressive Women's Coalition

Policing the police

Nothing recycled, nothing gained

The Sentinel's shadow: Wake up and smell the ink

Victorian theatrical current events cello rock

(And no, that last one is not "news of the weird", it's a feature profile of Rasputina, a group playing at Blue Cats this weekend.)

If you're looking for Don Williams, you'll find him at his new Knoxville Voice home. His latest column on tribal truths and false patriotism is poignant and thought-provoking, as usual. Check the "Commentary" section to see what Don has been up to and for more great writing from other contributors (including KnoxViews contributors Carole Borges and Michael Kaplan from time to time).

The Knoxville Voice website is a work in progress that keeps evolving. It's getting more in sync with the print edition, but also extending it with online features such as new blogs by Knoxville Voice writers (including Don Williams).

The other thing I noticed about the latest print issue is the growing number of advertisements. This bodes well for the future of the paper, and proves there are local merchants, artists, and other interests willing to support alternative points of view (and, of course, reach a diverse, desirable demographic in the process).

Publisher Dane Baker is doing fantastic work at the Knoxville Voice. He's clearly committed, and in it for the long haul to "give voice to issues, events and people in our community often underrepresented in mainstream media" as stated in the Knoxville Voice's mission statement.

If you're downtown for First Friday or one of the other events, the Knoxville Voice is hosting another open house (with free food and free beer!), Friday, Aug. 3, from 6PM to 10PM, 402 S. Gay St., Suite 202 (just above MAST Gen. Store). Stop by, say hi, and show your support for Knoxville's only independent newspaper.

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New Directions

This was an interesting suprise - I was going to read the Metropulse and inadvertently typed in instead of

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Good catch. That's pretty

Good catch. That's pretty funny. Wonder how many other misspellings they've registered?

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But it shows they are pretty web savvy, a good thing IMO.

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County Corruption

Glad to see the timeline on county corruption, and the graph, that could be useful.

Or a board game.

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