Wow, Knox County GOP Chairman Brian Hornback is going through deleting all his posts at quite a furious pace. It must have been something we said. Or maybe he just finally realized what an embarrassment his behavior here might be to Knox County Republican voters.

I'm sure there will be a huge brouhaha on his blog and the local talk radio about how Democrats are against free speech and how he got banned from a "progressive community blog." The fact is, he was not banned and his posts were not deleted by anyone here. But apparently his work here is done and he got whatever it was he wanted. I'm sure we will be hearing all about it.

Rachel's picture

That's absolutely hilarious.

That's absolutely hilarious.

j4's picture

Damn Demofacist

How can you live with what you've done! The horror!

SteveMule's picture

Cover Up????

Brian Hornback is trying to cover his tracks? Brian Hornback is trying to deny the truth? Brian Hornback is trying to cover his a*s? Brian Hornback is trying to protect his "truthiness"?

Why ... I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


Joe P.'s picture

Not Surprised

Hmph. Why bother to issue/post/write/declare/promote any viewpoint you aren't willing to stand behind? Maybe the same reasons that the claims were mostly hyperbole at best, unreasoned propaganda at worst.

I appreciate being able to come to sites like this and read information or debate on topics I may or may not be ready to agree with. Maybe that kind of open-minded approach didn't sit well.

More room for better ideas and arguments then.


Brian A.'s picture


Who will be here to sing the praises of Senator-to-Be Katherine Harris if BriansBlog goes bye bye? 

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

JustJohnny's picture

the RTB has....

....a neat archive feature. It keeps archives of xml feeds that it has read. If anyone ever looses their blog, the RTB has your posts archived back to last fall! Perhaps I need to get that feature back online?

SteveMule's picture

RTB Archive

Absolutely get it back and up! Any chance Brian's posts are archived? I would like to see them kept handy. He deleted them for a reason and it would be really to have them when that reason becomes clear.

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


Factchecker's picture

He's woken up and now

He's woken up and now embarrassed to read his own words?  Laughing

WhitesCreek's picture

I suspect someone else woke

I suspect someone else woke up and realized what an embarrassment the Chairman is. Hornbeck probably got his marching orders from a better marketing guy in the Repug machine.

I was wondering how to move his stupid and mean spirited comments to the main page...Too bad someone figured it out before we could display him for all to see.



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Something good to know about Hornbut is that he is still pissed that Jim Gray invited Karen Carson to speak at Downtown Democrats and on the DTV show. Many Democrats thought Karen was more progressive and better for the schools in the non-partisan race, so they gave her an outlet. A few Dems in the 5th dist club supported Brian. But in the end, Knox Co voters thought Karen was a better choice. Brian was left with chairing the party and dealing with Tyler Harber and the stolen computers and he's still pissed. Stacey

Anonymous's picture


Jim Gray attended both of Brian Hornback's fundraisers and contributed to his re-election campaign.

Stacey Diamond's picture

Hornback fundraisers

I seriously doubt that happened in 04. I'm part of the show Jim invited Karen to be on. Stacey

Anonymous's picture


Harber (had he been in Knoxville on May 2, 2006) would have gotten more than 12 write-in votes.

R. Neal's picture

So, who are you,

So, who are you, 'anonymous'?

Anonymous's picture

Was GOP Gate Ever Resolved?

Speaking of Tyler Harber and Brian Hornbeck, does anyone know whether Tyler was ever charged with computer hacking?  That's a serious offense, but I've always gotten the impression that the local GOP has tried to keep the entire issue low key, and out of the public's mind as much as possible, presumably to protect Tyler.  I'm bothered by the fact that it does not appear the investigation into Tyler's computer hacking was never aggressively pursued, as it should have been.  The legal system needs to do a better job of bringing people who hack into others' computers to justice.  Thanks to the local GOP, it appears Tyler's computer hacking will just die by the wayside in the sunset.

Stacey Diamond's picture


Tindell chose not to prosecute, he was in the middle of a judge campaign. So who are you? Stacey

Number9's picture

Tindell chose not to

Tindell chose not to prosecute, he was in the middle of a judge campaign.

Is Tindell not an officer of the court? I don't understand your point. Are you defending that decision?

When does political practicality have anything to do with the law?

Do we need a judge who will turn his head because of politics?

Knox Vol JJ's picture

When does political

When does political practicality have anything to do with the law?

 We should ask Pres. Bush about this:

1. Years of Worker Standards Thrown Out--NLRB (Bushies) throwing out decades of standards to pay back corporate supporters.

3. Suspend Environmental Standards--Bush's answer to gas issues

4. Warrantless Spying--better to ask political forgiveness than permission.

5. Outing Plame (now this one may be on Cheney but Bush is also responsible as far I'm concerned since Rove was involved)

Each of these issues involve Bush not caring about existing law for the sake of politics.

"No party has done so much for so few who need so little.” -Elliot Spitzer on the Republican Party

Stacey Diamond's picture

Tindell, Hornback

What Tindell does is his business, he lost the race for judge. It was in the paper a while back, he would have had to have filed the charges if the case against Harber was to go any further and he did not. I don't have an opinion, that's just what happened. Jim Gray said he supported Hornback in his first campaign but saw the light by the second campaign and supported Karen in 04 by having her speak at Dem events. Stacey

Anonymous's picture


Chad Tindell, he could have taken out a prosecution warrant with the District Attorney for the "prepetrator" of the "hacking". or ask Randy Nichols abou tthe prosecution.

Anonymous's picture

I posess

a copy of the Jim Gray check. It can be mailed to you Stacey.

JustJohnny's picture

who cares?

Who Cares? This thread isn't about Jim. It is about Hornback --and his hit and run tactics. If you do have a check, however, we'll gladly accept it on behalf of the party. Five figures, please. We'll send you your membership card via US Mail.

Boppa's picture

who are you?

Anonymous is Hornback.  He only uses his name when he wants to put himself in the spotlight or put someone else down.  Whenever there is critical talk about him, he reverts to his anonymous comments.  Like the ones about "name calling-real mature"  Ask him about "Southern Able" sometime.

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