Jan 20 2013
12:50 pm

I have had several pleasant conversations with Victor Ashe. This article from the New York Daily News, also linked on Huffington Post is worthy of our notice and discussion.


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Though it names no names, the

Though it names no names, the report characterizes board meetings as “dominated by one member whose tactics and personal attacks on colleagues and staff have created an unprofessional and unproductive atmosphere.”

Several board sources confirmed that the controversial and powerful member is Victor H. Ashe,

What ya gonna say? Doesn't surprise me.

He said he's the only board member who has attended every meeting since June, 2010

Again, what ya gonna say?

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Actually, Victor is in the

Actually, Victor is in the right on this one. He does his homework and whoever got him appointed should have known he wouldn't treat the job as an honorary position.

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Further information

Victor Ashe has sent to me the following bits of additional information:

1) The union representing representing most Broadcasting Board of Governor employees being very critical of the report, and thus more supportive of Ashe's actions:


2) A site for more complaints about BBG:

I know what it's like to raise questions that are unwanted by an entrenched panel, so I appreciated the information.

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I know what it's like to

I know what it's like to raise questions that are unwanted by an entrenched panel

Been there, done that, gave up. Hizzoner has more staying power than I do. It's the bulldog, I guess.

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a National Review article on the matter

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Looks like Hillary's on

Looks like Hillary's on Victor's side:

Even most Washingtonians have never heard of these bodies, so it was a great surprise when Mrs. Clinton, in her farewell address to Washington, delivered the following brutal and apparently off-the-cuff judgment on the BBG: “We have abdicated the broadcasting arena. . . . Our Broadcasting Board of Governors is practically defunct in terms of its capacity to be able to tell a message around the world.”

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Along with NATO. Which

Along with NATO. Which should have been disbanded once the Wall fell.

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