Jan 26 2006
06:14 pm

Question for the Knoxviews community. Many moons ago, I recall reading on the Blog Formerly Known as SKB.NET about the possibility of a Mast General Store opening downtown. What ever became of that possibility? If it has fallen through, what is the current state of affairs with the downtown area?

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The Mast General Store is

The Mast General Store is still moving forward. A quick search of MP's and KNS' online archives should find the latest updates.

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Didn't they buy most of the

Didn't they buy most of the former Watson's building on Market Sqaure?


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No, the Mast Gen. Store is

No, the Mast Gen. Store is going downtown on Gay Street, in the old White Store building, I believe.

On Market Square you are thinking of the Hamby's grocery store that's been on again and off again. There's a mention in this week's MP that they think it's back on again, but it's not certain.

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Nope. 400 (maybe 300?) block

Nope. 400 (maybe 300?) block of Gay St, east side, where the dumpster is and all the gutting took place not long ago.

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Oh, that's right. Hamby's

Oh, that's right. Hamby's is/was supposed to be a full grocery store, I think.


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