Aug 26 2016
01:44 pm

Today, on Women's Equality Day, a monument commemorating the ratification of the 19th Amendment was unveiled at Centennial Park in Nashville. Tennessee was the 36th state to ratify the 19th Amendment in 1920, and their passage secured the right to vote to all women citizens of the USA.

Featured speakers included Mayor Madeline Rogero, Nashville Metro Mayor Megan Barry, Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan, Rep. Brenda Gilmore, among others.

Alan LeQuire's bronze sculptures of suffragists Carrie Chapman Catt, Anne Dallas Dudley, Abby Crawford Milton, Frankie Pierce and Sue Shelton White will grace a permanent space in Centennial Park adjacent to the Parthenon following the park's renovation. His bronzes of suffragists are also featured in Knoxville's Market Square.

Video of the speeches and unveiling here: (link...)

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Beautiful! Many thanks to all


Many thanks to all the women who worked so hard to get us the right to vote. Can't imagine the effort it took. Glad they didn't give up.

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Just read a bit about English

Just read a bit about English Suffragette Emily Davison, among others

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As an aside:

We need to draft Kim McMillan to run for governor, y'all.

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Yeah, no kidding. She was

Yeah, no kidding. She was robbed in 2010.

Then she got elected Mayor of Clarksville and shortly after annonced she had been diagnosed with MS and people wondered if she would be able to serve out her first term. She was reelected four years later by a nearly 20 point margin over her nearest challenger in a three-way race.

And it looks like she is still going strong. She is one of the most qualified Democrats in the state and was definitely the most qualified Democrat running for governor in 2010 before the TNDP backed the wrong horse..

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Just watch her remarks in the vid link

Honestly, she stole the show. And I didn't think that was going to happen.

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