Nov 17 2012
09:57 am

Finally had to mess around with Windows 8. It's lipstick on a pig. The pig is a bit more svelte and fleeter of foot, and installation is faster and a lot slicker. Underneath the hideous new Fisher-Price user interface, though, it is still basically Windows 7, more or less, so there's that.

They arbitrarily broke some things for no apparent reason other than punishing developers for using their platform. Too bad if you have "legacy" apps and the developer has gone on to the great data center cubicle in the sky and taken the source with him/her.

I'm guessing there are still some bugs to work out, but they appear to be on it. I used a final release DVD from our Developer Network subscription, and immediately had over 500MB of updates and fixes to download. And it only came out on Oct. 26th.

Unlike Windows 7, which was a huge improvement over Vista and an instant no-brainer upgrade, we won't be upgrading our mission critical PCs to Windows 8 any time soon. The new system fonts are pretty, though.

redmondkr's picture

I don't think I will be

I don't think I will be putting that thing on a PC that I actually mean to use. I've heard that they at least made it pretty easy to go back to Winders 7 when the user becomes un-gruntled but I bet that option doesn't exist for new machines.

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