We all know that the GOP has a penchant for grandstanding. So it comes as no surprise when Rep Fleishmann was pumping gas for a day at a Raceway gas station, to get people to believe that we need to "Drill Baby Drill" (which in reality won't do diddly).

Except, when Fleishmann had his little grandstand day, he stole the hours from a worker, a worker that needs his hours.

Justin Lewis says his boss wanting to be there for the most recent meet and greet cost him a day's pay.

"I needed that shift, I don't make $160,000 a year," said Lewis, "so missing a shift means a lot to me."

But, wait, it's the last line (isn't it always?) that gets me.

When we asked if Lewis could lose his job for taking his concerns to the media, his employer told us he hasn't decided.

What a gem of an employer Ponds is. The fact is, he got a free shift's labor while hobnobbing with a congresscritter. Took advantage of the situation just a bit, Ponds?

And Chuckie, you're a jerk for taking away shifts from the working poor. But, of course, he doesn't get that, grandstanding at the expense of the poor is just fine with him.

Taking money from the poor, it's the Republican way!

Min's picture

Not surprised.

Economically tone-deaf morons, the whole lot of them.

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