Jan 22 2013
12:09 pm

VW Chattanooga chief: "We would not welcome people being able to carry weapons on factory grounds."

Lt. Gov. Ramsey: "I think that if you talk to them reasonably about what we're talking about here one-on-one, they'll be fine with it."

Gov. Haslam: "Volkswagen has been up front that that's a concern of theirs. We obviously would like to get that SUV."

What's more important, jobs or more guns in more places against a business owner's wishes? Oh wait, we're talking about the TNGOP legislature.

Tom Humphrey with the story...

Average Guy's picture

So now we know the problem

So now we know the problem this proposed law is creating, what problem is it solving?

Min's picture


...you just never know when you may need to commit treason against the US government. So it's prudent to go armed all the time.

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should VW allow drones and tanks in their parking lot?

That's what any treasonous attempt will put an individual or group up against.

As much as the gun huggers would like to wrap their 200 year old notion up in the form of a “militia”, it doesn’t change the fact a Bushmaster vs. a Hellfire equipped drone will end badly for them.

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It is hard to imagine the

It is hard to imagine the placement of that plant being based on anyting other than what is most economically advantagous for VW. Although if more than one location suits the economics, then maybe the gun law will impact.

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I remember when Corker tried

I remember when Corker tried to 'insist' that the new VW plant in Chattanooga NOT allow its new workers the right to decide or not to join a union. This world-wide successful car company was not about to take advice about its employees from a doofus like "right to work" Corker. The VW executives basically told him that they knew how to hire AND KEEP good quality, well trained workers and that THEY would allow its workers to decide.
I am sure that 'Guns everywhere' Ramsey, who is owned by Smith&Wesson, made such a poor impression on them, trying to force a foreign company to listen to his bull, as just a fly speck on the windshield of their new vehicle.
I think VW has already expanded once, maybe twice in The Chattanooge area. And it did so because of the quality of its product, not from the 'advice' of GOP losers.

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There are enought gun laws on the books to address the situation

If the employer does not want firearms in the worker's automobiles while parked on company property, that is an employer employee related issue that does not need the intervention of the state legislature. I seriously doubt VW security has the time or the legal right to search employees vehicles while parked at work and the continued baffoonery regarding guns in cars while at work is ridiculous. Most employers have the necessary signage for no guns in the work place, not use of tobacco products, and reasonable limitations on distractions, i.e. cell phone use, company internet use for personal browsing, access to personal e-mail.

Most employers don't give two hoots about what is in an employees car as long as it does not affect the orderly movement of traffic in and through the company's parking lot.

Maybe there are so many people out of work in Tennessee now, we've completely forgotten the employer - employee relationship and how that works.

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As a for Employer I have to say you are completely wrong on this

I've been through the problems this can cause. It wasn't any fun and I seriously thought somebody was going to die. This is the stupidest bill and tramples on property rights. VW won't have to worry about security, they just won't bring another plant to this state.

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This bunch has the arrogance

This bunch has the arrogance to demand that no new federal firearms laws will be enforced in Tennessee. I wonder when they will attempt to take their guns across the blue line to the parking lots on Bear Creek Road.

I'd like to be there with my camera for that George Wallace moment in reverse.

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