Jun 7 2011
07:09 am

Just a few days ago, Eric posted how a couple in Florida foreclosed on BoA after they PROVED they did not owe BoA a penny, in fact never even had a mortgage on the property. BoA was to pay the couple the attorney's fees, and when push came to shove, the couple foreclosed on a BoA branch.

Today, I find in the news another Bank of America abuse against homeowners.

The housing crisis ended with many homes in foreclosure, which is why it was no joke when a man from Northampton got a letter stating his home would be seized if he didn't pay up zero dollars and zero cents!

Not wanting to lose his house, he called the 22News I-team and finally got some answers.

But, hold onto your hat for just a moment more. Once the news team gets involved, this is what BoA tells them:

The bank explained to us in a statement that it was an electronic error on their end. Basically, he was submitting his payments and they were applying it to the wrong section of his account.

So, how many previous homes did BoA (and other big banks) foreclose on where homeowners were making their payments or did not owe anything? It's a bit more common than we think.



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