From Jim Dossett of The LaFollette Press:

The widow of a slain Campbell County High assistant principal scolded the Campbell County Board of Education and central office staff at a Thursday meeting. Jo Bruce directed pointed remarks to board members and central office staffers, saying she was tired of hearing how well school personnel handled the Nov. 8 tragedy in which her husband, Ken, and two other principals were shot.

“You keep saying that everything was done well, but that’s not acceptable.

“As Ken’s wife, I definitely know that something went wrong that day. We all know that something went wrong or three men would not have been shot,” Bruce told board members.

Bruce said she has repeatedly asked the central office to review the school safety plan, but she believes those requests have not been followed.

“Why, when told that the boy had a loaded gun in his pocket, was he (the assailant, Kenneth S. Bartley) not searched?

“The SRO (School Resource Officer) did a good job getting him out of class, but he was still not searched even at Mr. Pierce’s office,” she said.


Meanwhile, Kenneth Bartley, Jr. will find out next week if he'll be tried as an adult or a juvenile:

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I had wondered when Mrs.

I had wondered when Mrs. Bruce was going to get pissed. Her reaction (at the time) was so noble it was almost other-worldly. Lawsuit to follow, I reckon (although I'm sure any award assessed against the county would be limited by sovereign immunity)
What kind of family spawned this bad seed, btw?

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