Nov 9 2017
02:02 pm

He's succeding at what he set out to do, which is destroy the federal government. Isn't that what his supporters wanted?

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Mainly because the same

Mainly because the same people peddling those numbers are the same people that assured progressives he was going down back in November.

He'd be re-elected today. I don't care how many blue state seats the Democrats are picking up.

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Snowflake triggered, needs to

Snowflake triggered, needs to find safe space.

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I remember polls right before

I remember polls right before the elections predicting he would lose by 2-4 percent. He lost by 2.9 million votes, not far off from some polls.Yes,there are lots of ignorant and racist people out there that would still vote against their interest, but the reason he is President is too many people stayed home and did not vote or voted against Clinton, not really for Trump. Trump is supported by about a third of Americans. If there had been another election on Nov. 9, 2016, he would have lost. Any reasonable person would agree with Trump's National Security adviser H.R.McMaster in saying Trump is an idiot.The 2020 Presidential election will most likely be between two nominees that have never ran for President. Trump cannot complete four years, no way!

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Seth Meyers: Trump so

Seth Meyers
: Trump so unpopular, pretty soon it will just be 'Fox & Friend'

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It's the economy stupid

All crotch grabbing and email deleting aside, the real issues in the 2016 election were the economy and dissatisfaction with career politicians.

The stock market is rolling along(at least for now) unemployment is low(at least for now) and Trump is being Trump(not like a career politician)

If the election were held today Trump's voters would stick with him. Hillary on the other hand has lost credibility with her base, especially the Sanders supporters who reluctantly voted for her.

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The Answer: Because he betrayed every demographic in America.

And to respond to 2 comments by Anonymous: First, real, true Democrats are WINNING all over the country...NYC, NJ, Virginia all the way down the ballot, and in Washington State, their Legislature is totally now in the hands of Democrats.

Here, in Knoxville, we had revolutionary results in our City Council race !

Plus because of the Health Care tragedy in Washington, and because our TN GOP House Caucus NEVER voted once for affordable health insurance, we now have STELLAR Democrats, including 3 physicians, running for these long-held seats...Dr. Marty Olsen in Tri-Cities against Phil Roe, Dr. Joshua Williams here for the Duncan Dynasty seat in District 2, and in District 3, Chattanooga it is Dr. Danielle Mitchell, and in District 4, it is teacher/wife and Mother Mariah Phillips. And we have new and very enthused groups of Democrats out working hard for these super qualified professionals to work for US in Washington!

Oh, and we have a great, young attorney, AF Veteran James Mackler who announced back in April he is seeking Bob Corker's U.S. Senate. He is doing a great job, Statewide, raising grass roots donations and will be a great Senator.

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All over the country

You can't dispute a 10-year trend of losing all over the map by citing a single off year election season. If you look at the data over any reasonable period of time the Democrats are losing all over the country.

If the democrats do really well in 2018 they will possibly be at the beginning of turning around that 10-year disaster but they won't be "winning" unless they can keep scoring points for at least a couple of years/election cycles.

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10 years?

You mean since the Republicans started gerrymandering the whole country so they could win elections even though they lose popular votes by, say, 3 million? Since that party went full-tilt into the you vote with us or you're a terrorist and a "baby-killer" schtick? You mean throughout a 10 year trend of Republicans from local to now the highest office in the land LYING about their plans to kill Medicare, Social Security, and the middle class in general? Oh, and don't forget underfunding and underplanning the next national census to see if they can weasel another generation of stolen elections from the true will of the people.

You're right. I can't dispute that.


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This just in:

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Just the facts mame

Both sides can claim the other side manipulates the elections. Regardless of the best efforts of either side to manipulate through gerrymandering, Russian Hackers etc., I think control swings back and forth like a pendulum because each side inevitably disappoints its base. President Obama was a direct result of disappointment with President Bush and President Trump was a direct result of disappointment with President Obama. If the Democrats can just keep their diapers dry for a few more years they will get their chance.

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Joe Jackson - Right & Wrong

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