Mike Padgett
23% (107 votes)
Bob Tuke
63% (295 votes)
10% (46 votes)
Not voting in the Democratic primary
5% (22 votes)
Total votes: 470
Anonymous's picture

Soooo... how is this

Soooo... how is this supposed to be a decent poll when you only have two of the 5 candidates still running on your list?

I guess some people are too politically inept to even learn about who is running.

I won't vote for Tuke or Padgett... I'm voting for Eaton.

These career guys have had their chances... Now its time for a Regular citizen to have their chance.

P.s. with a little investigation enough dirt can be found on Tuke and Padgett to NEVER want to give them any political power.

P.p.s.s. Has Tennessee Ever elected a Jewish leader? I guess thats why Tuke is keeping religion quiet ehh?

R. Neal's picture

some people are too

some people are too politically inept to even learn about who is running

Perhaps you missed my comprehensive, hand-built directory of every candidate for every state and federal race here:


Has Tennessee Ever elected a Jewish leader? I guess thats why Tuke is keeping religion quiet ehh?

I admit I forgot to include a checkbox for the candidates's religion or the religions they and/or their supporters do not approve of. My bad.

I'm sure Mr. Eaton appreciates your support, though.

talidapali's picture

I didn't get a chance to vote in the poll as my computer is down

But, you can add me to the undecided column. I'll have to see more of each candidate and hear more from them before I can make up my mind...maybe Randy could ask them both to have an online debate here with people submitting questions they would like to hear the candidates answer beforehand and moderated by Randy or someone. Or each candidate could post individually here.

"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

GDrinnen2's picture


Boy, I sure do love primaries.

Good grief.

Anonymous's picture

Mike Padgett what a joke!!!!

Mike Padgett what a joke!!!! I can't believe he is wasting his time and his friends money that feel obligated to donate to his joke of a campaign. Don't you think there is a reason this loser hasn't been able to get a job? He thinks he is some sort of democratic hero in the area, but he held a job that means shit and acted like the was the freakin president. Get a life and find a job!!!!!

Go TUKE!!!!

R. Neal's picture

I'm sure Bob Tuke

Mike Padgett what a joke!!!!

I'm sure Bob Tuke appreciates your positive message of support.

bill young's picture

Tell us what u really think

Here we go down the rat hole of Anonymous

I'm for Mike Padgett.

But by gum I think Bob Tuke is good guy.

bill young's picture


I'm votin' Padgett.

But Tuke's a good guy.

All I'm saying is..Go see Mike
when he's in your neck of the woods.

Then I think you'll agree with me

Padgett is the candidate to vote for.

Justin's picture

Tuke=Jesus? Can I touch the

Tuke=Jesus? Can I touch the hem of his garment?
We get it...Tuke is good people.

I didnt think progressives "freeped" polls.... :)

Jack's picture

Saying good things about a

Saying good things about a candidate, hardly implies anyone is equating that candidate to Jesus...

Typically, the "you all are saying this guy must be Jesus" argument is a not so thinly veiled attempt to mitigate positive opinion...

bizgrrl's picture

Tuke=Jesus? Can I touch the

Tuke=Jesus? Can I touch the hem of his garment?

Did he get the Obama play book?

Justin's picture

(No subject)

Knoxquerious's picture

*sniff sniff* After reading

*sniff sniff*

After reading all the comments I now want to change my vote to Tuke. Thanks.

Nancy Russell's picture

Bob Tuke is a real winner in

Bob Tuke is a real winner in every phase of his life - great father, husband, community activist, heart of gold, sincere, not enough adjectives to cover his good qualitives but most of all BRAVE to the core. Will always stand up for what is right and for ALL the people.

Sharon Cobb's picture


One word: Integrity

As former Chair of the Democratic Party for Tennessee, Bob is very aware of the importance of grassroots campaigning and new media.

I have nothing bad to say about Mike, but I have a page of good things to say about Tuke.

Sharon Cobb

Rev. Tim Parrish's picture

Bob Tuke for Senate

I have known Bob Tuke for at least 5 years. He is my friend, my attorney, and one of the brightest and most caring individuals I have ever known. I know how he feels about Iraq and I knew how he felt about Vietnam. He has insights and he grasps the value of remembering the past as he formulates his views on issues. He is committed to fairness, to "doing the right thing," to the rights of others no matter who they are or what their story might be, and he does NOT waffle on issues. Ask Bob a question and he will answer it straightforward and without BS. You may not like his answer, but you know how he believes. I believe if we had more elected officials who thought and acted and followed up on things like Bob, then this country would be in better shape. He has more integrity, honesty, and class under one fingernail than most members of Congress will ever have if they lived 2 lifetimes.

CFS's picture

I grew up in Knoxville and

I grew up in Knoxville and now live in Nashville and am familiar with both candidates. I can't say enough great things about Bob Tuke. He is caring, honest and a man of his convictions. By the looks of the online voting, I'd say he's also a master organizer ... sounds like a pretty good characteristic to seek in a senator.

R. Neal's picture

This is fascinating. Tuke's

This is fascinating.

Tuke's campaign is organizing the netroots to vote in our little poll. Padgett's campaign complains about Tuke freeping the poll, but doesn't link to it.

Online organizing and message discipline score: Tuke 1, Padgett 0.

Sean_Braisted's picture

Deja Vu

OMG, its Florida and Michigan all over again. Maybe we should be awarding delegates for this...

Anonymous's picture

Mike Padgett for Senate

Mike Padgett for Senate

Ray Walker's picture

Tuke's qualifications

Bob Tuke served honorably as a United States Marine officer in Vietnam. He and Jim Webb of Virginia will make a very competent duo in protecting the veteran and making war as the very last option possible, not the first. Those who have experienced combat do not easily choose it as a means of settling arguments unless the national interest is in great peril. Neither Tuke nor Webb would've put us in Iraq or Vietnam. I personally have met and know both.

Anonymous's picture

I don't know much about

I don't know much about Tuke, but have heard great things about his caring and compassion in being the "best adoption" lawyer in Nashville. If he can show the same concern for our state as he does his clients then he'll be a great senator.

Andy Axel's picture

I was going to vote for Lugo

I was going to vote for Lugo before he split the scene.


"It's gettin' so a businessman can't expect no return from a fixed fight. Now, if you can't trust a fix, what can you trust?"

LeftWingCracker's picture

I had already voted, but

I just got an email from the Tuke campaign with a link, so prepare for the deluge....

Yeah, I voted for Tuke, but I thought you should know.


Jack's picture

I just got that email too...

I just got that email too... Its amazing how well Tuke was doing before that email was sent.

No doubt, Padgett has alerted his folks too. Online polls are a combination of opinion and organization - both of which are important in a large-scale campaign.

Jack's picture

Wow. With 60 votes, Mike

Wow. With 60 votes, Mike Padgett, the local boy, is only at 22%...

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