In April, the Knox County Democratic Party will hold its biennial convention to elect a new chair and officers. The names listed are individuals who have been identified as potential candidates for party chair. None of these candidates have announced an intention to seek the post, at this time.

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Another name

I like Steve Drevick as a potential candidate.

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Where are the women?

Where are the women?

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Where are the

Where are the women?

Apparently moving onward and upward.

Democrats should look at 2 things specifically:

1) People who have a committment and interest in the area, apart from politics. Hancock fits that description. I know Goodale has been around in the area for awhile and also fits that description. The others, I don't know enough about to comment.

2) The second is that apart from national party politics, local Republicans seem to do a good job of knowing the needs and wants of their constituents on a local level and responding to them, thusly.

Granted the environment is nice and economic justice is nicer, but without an understanding of how those issues apply to local issues, that might cause a disconnect.

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I agree with Pam...Where are

I agree with Pam...Where are the women.....What about my wife who has worked quietly behind the scenes as an effective and unheralded officer. I vote Cindy Walker. The party needs to think about West Knoxville or it will never win a county seat again!

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So sorry I didn't immediately think of Cindy, Randy.

I called her more than once this past summer and fall, seeking guidance in trying to help Jermoe Miller's campaign.

And of course I worked with Cindy years ago on the Board of Managers for Knox County Council PTA, too.

Yes, she needs to be on that list!

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Cindy, Cortney Piper and

Cindy, Cortney Piper and several others were mentioned by knoxrebel in the discussion thread on this topic.

Other names that come to mind: Evelyn Gill, Kim Webber, Janice Spoon, Sylvia Woods, Erin Lonas, Cindy Walker.

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This is a silly poll. Do we

This is a silly poll. Do we even know if these people are interested?

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of course it silly!!!...

we are treating this as though it were the VP shortlist hyperbuzz we go through every four years in presidential years. what's next, drafting a candidate to run???

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