Feb 8 2018
01:04 am

Thomas nurtured Nunes' career, helping him earn a seat on the Ways and Means Committee. Five years later, McCarthy was elected to fill Thomas' House seat and immediately became part of a powerful political alliance with Reps. Eric Cantor, R-Va., and Paul Ryan, R-Wis., known as the Young Guns. That trio was the face of a new generation of political conservatives and by 2009 all three were in House leadership. Nunes was one of their closest allies.

Nunes offered intelligence briefings to all of the Republican candidates in 2016, and Trump took him up on that. The two forged a bond as they traveled around California in Trump's campaign plane.


Nunes and Trump attended fundraisers and rallies across the state, working closely on an unlikely bid to rally the intensely Democratic state behind Trump's campaign. Within days of the election, Trump named Nunes as a member of the executive committee that would run his transition.

Who Is Devin Nunes? A Look At The Man Behind The Memo

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