Nov 15 2012
09:11 am

With the candidate shaking up the etch-a-sketch so often, it was hard to tell which Romney was the real Romney.

Romney attributes loss to 'gifts' Obama gave minorities

It turns out that the "47%" Romney was the genuine article.

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Was there some doubt?

Was there some doubt?

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How could 58 or 59 million

How could 58 or 59 million Americans vote for a jerk like Romney? So many people voted against their own interests. He is against teachers and students and blue collar workers and white collar workers and women and blacks and Latinos and whites and 99% of our population. Some people are sooooooooo eat up with the dumbass!

michael l.d.

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Color me unsurprised.

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I did not realize that people

I did not realize that people under &35k get free healthcare for life, and where can we pick up those free ObamaCondoms?

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Where is my gift?

Where is my gift?

Rachel's picture

Jindal strongly rejected this

Jindal strongly rejected this statement. That's nice. But the problem is that it isn't just Mitt Romney's opinion - it's the opinion of a big segment of the Republican party base. All you have to do is talk to people or read the KNS comments to figure that out.

It won't be enough for party leaders like Jindal to change their tune. They're going to have to convince the base or they'll get eaten alive.

Of course FOX could be very helpful in this regard. :)

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