Feb 28 2018
05:20 pm

Trump showed some actual leadership this afternoon when he gathered Republicans and Democrats from Congress together around the table to discuss legislation to prevent gun violence. He mostly listened to everyone and showed some of his alleged negotiating skills in urging them to craft a bipartisan gun safety bill. He also told them they were too afraid of the NRA and they shouldn't be.

We'll see what happens next, if anything.

I also want to say that the amazing kids from Parkland, FL made this and a lot of other positive stuff happen in two short weeks, which is more than anyone else has accomplished in 20 years.

(We now return you to our regularly scheduled anti-Trump agenda.)

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Pfft. Good marketing. Will

Pfft. Good marketing. Will something happen? I have my doubts.

Great work the teens are doing. Hope they keep it up. But, hey, they are young and shouldn't have to be the leaders.

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He also got CNN to stop

He also got CNN to stop talking about the Russia investigation for an hour or so.

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Could also have something to

Could also have something to do with the fact that a recent poll showed 97% approval for universal background checks among all demographics and party affiliations.

As one observer noted, that is universal agreement and polls higher than "is the sky blue?"

The corporate pushback against the NRA is likely also a factor, along with sinking approval ratings for NRA shills like Rubio.

The political winds are shifting on this issue. At least this week.

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He's trying to do damage

He's trying to do damage control and pass the buck onto the legislators, knowing they wont pass anything substantial. It was probably discussed in his meeting with the NRA on Sunday

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I would not call anything

I would not call anything Trump has done Presidential leadership. Obviously, he has attracted millions of supporters because of his racist actions and ideas. He has made the statement before saying he could shoot someone and not lose his supporters. Being the liar he is, we cannot believe anything that he says. However, anything about supporting gun restrictions from Trump would be much better received by rank and file Republicans than anything that came from Obama or Clinton. I would have to see it to believe it, but any action toward sensible gun laws from Trump and Congress would be welcome news.
Tuesday night on CBS evening news, there was a story on gun restrictions in Israel. They require gun owners to actually be knowledgeable and qualified. Owners have to be a minimum of 27 years old unless they have military experience. They require extensive training, practice, and education about gun use. The United States needs to take notes from Israel, Australia, and many other countries that have successfully reduced gun violence and deaths. There is no excuse for tens of thousand of Americans to die from gun violence. Too many people complain about second amendment rights, what about the rights of the kids and adults that died in Florida, they deserved the right to live. The 21st amendment ended a silly attempt by the 18th amendment to restrict alcohol consumption. Instead of abolishing the second amendment,maybe we need to alter the second amendment that was made for a time in history where single shot muskets made sense. Any sensible leader from our country's founding leaders to today's leaders should have enough sense to know that assault weapons for anyone should not be a right. Banning assault weapons, requiring extensive background checks, requiring strict training to use firearms, and increasing the age to purchase guns should be the beginning to getting the gun violence in America under control. Most gun owners like me would at least support a more sensible policy toward gun ownership.

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On leadership

I don’t think I would use the word leadership to describe Mr. Trump’s habit of going with whatever is said by the last person he talked to. That’s literally the opposite of leadership. One day Sen. Feinstein is gleeful, and the next day it’s the NRA that’s got what they want.

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This the man who said he

This is the man who said he would run in to protect the students.

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Not surprised

Conceding to N.R.A., Trump Abandons Brief Gun Control Promise (link...)

"President Trump on Monday abandoned his promise to work for gun control measures opposed by the National Rifle Association, bowing to the gun group and embracing its agenda of armed teachers and incremental improvements to the background check system."

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