Mar 10 2016
05:12 pm

UPDATE: Alcoa PD just told us "they're burning brush in Monroe County. It's just brush and it shouldn't be hazardous."

UPDATE: Monroe Co. Sheriff's Office says Tennessee Dept. of Forestry is conducting the burn.

UPDATE: Tennessee Dept. of Forestry says it is a USDA Forest Service prescribed fire in the Ballplay area of the Cherokee National Forest. According to the person the Mrs. spoke to, they try to end the fires by mid-afternoon so the smoke will be gone by dark.


There's a thick, low-lying layer of smoke over Alcoa near the airport. The Mrs. was out and about and called Alcoa Public Works, and they said there was a controlled burn near Greenback. She spoke with a police officer at a convenience store and he said Alcoa had fired up a new boiler or something. The wind seems to be going in the wrong direction for that. The Daily Times says it's coming out of Monroe Co. but they don't know why. Smells like wood smoke to me. Guess we'll find out the real story soon enough, but you can barely breathe outside.


Click image for bigger...

In the above photo you can see parts of Alcoa and a faint outline of the mountains beyond. On a normal day like today you have a perfectly clear view and can see two more mountain tops beyond this one.

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It's nasty!

It's nasty!

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Rocky Hill too

I have smelled it all afternoon, and yes, it smells like a wood fire. As windy as it is today and going to get more so tonight.

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The smoke made it as far as downtown Knoxville.

Thankfully it cleared up by nightfall.

Maybe they weren't expecting winds from the southwest when they scheduled their burn.

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We can smell it now on the hill behind Westtown.
Had to shut the windows because our eyes were burning.
The wind blew unusually hard earlier.

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Once again Blount County gets

Once again Blount County gets smoked out. They were doing a prescribed burn in the Cades Coves area yesterday in heavy winds. The smoke in Alcoa was not as bad as the last prescribed burn, but closer to the Smokies it was really bad. It would be nice if they could wait for a day without so much wind.

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Rockford Mayor Koella on the Monroe Cnty burn

It is unconscionable that they went ahead with the controlled burns (Thursday), even though the high winds had been predicted for days,” he said. “You could hardly see across Little River to the old UT Farm site because it was so smoky at times. You could still smell the smoke (Thursday night).

UPDATE: rumor is they cancelled the prescribed burn in Cades Cove. It is reported there was another burn in Monroe County that caused the smoke in Blount County.

Springtime, love the smell and look of heavy smoke in the air.

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