Feb 22 2013
09:57 am

It's been more than two months and there is still no official report on the Newtwon school shootings. In the midst of ongoing national, state legislature, and even local school board debates about a policy response, it seems like more information about the crime and the perpetrator's background, means, motive and opportunity would be useful.

It is understandable that a full investigation of such a heinous and devastating crime will take time, but judging from the leaks much is already known. And there's an assumption that the case is basically closed because everybody associated with it is dead, including the killer.

But is that a good assumption? Do they know if there were direct or indirect accomplices? Do they know all the weapons and ammunition were legally obtained? Are there related crimes that should be prosecuted?

According to the latest reports, we won't know until June. In the mean time, conspiracy nuts and gun enthusiasts have launched disinformation campaigns regarding the types of weapons used in the crime in an attempt to head off regulation. At least law enforcement officials have cleared that up.


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