Jan 13 2013
09:17 am


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Those ugly legs need covered?

Those ugly legs need covered? :-)

This warm in January is just wrong. The upside to global warming?

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Hey, I think he has strong,

Hey, I think he has strong, beautiful, shapely legs.

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According to NWS data,

According to NWS data, yesterday's high of 75 is the highest on record for that date since 1890 when it was 73. The record high for January is 77, set in 1950.

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Climate deniers will hide

Climate deniers will hide their confusion between climate and weather as they read the 1890 and 1950 dates and insist it's just random variability.

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I thought it was lack of

I thought it was lack of visible trash.

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I figured a 15 degree difference when I planned my vacation in California and that's what I got, apparently. But in the wrong direction! It is sunny here so that's a consolation prize.

I'm following the weather forecasts in TN and can't believe my eyes. It is seriously cold here in LA. Good thing I packed lots of long underwear. SD is not supposed to be much better.

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