Jul 19 2013
03:51 pm

Photo: Cathy McCaughan via Instragram, used with permission

Employees of Waste Connections found these two cuties in a ziplock bag inside a kitchen trash bag along with a birth-stained bed sheet. Miraculously, the two kittens were still alive.

The good news is that the kittens have guardian angels. Cathy McCaughan got a call about the kittens from her Mom, who works at Waste Connections. Being the saint that she is, of course Cathy rescued them and is fostering them.

Spay and neuter, folks! Very few if any local shelters will take newborn kittens, and if they do they probably won't last long. These folks may be able to help find a foster home. They are also looking for foster volunteers, if any cat lovers out there are so inclined.

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Makes one hope there is a

Makes one hope there is a hell, with a special place for people who would do that.

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Thank You

Thank you Cathy!

Yes there are some especially sick people out there, in and about our community, and yes, I do have stories that I could tell that are especially heinous. But I don't want to take away from the heroes in these kittens story. The employees of Waste Connections that heard and searched through the trash for the thrown-away baby kittens, Cathy's mom, and Cathy have all made a difference in these kittens lives. Way to go! High Fives to all of you.

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Rescued a kitten from a gas

Rescued a kitten from a gas station off Asheville Hwy.

Other than being a little needy, thinking I'm his mother, and having a thing for fastfood bites, he's a great pet.

But thanks to Cathy for taking care of them, and everybody else who helped.

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Thank You, Cathy

I have an archived video about a Miami man who buried five of a litter of six Rottweiler puppies alive in his back yard. A neighbor rescued them when she heard their mother crying and digging for them. Unfortunately vets were only able to save two. Authorities found that this was the second litter of her puppies he had buried.

He went to jail. Sheba and her remaining puppies went to a foster home and were eventually adopted.

I can get on a soapbox about rescuing.

redmondkr's picture

Cathy has added some new

Cathy has added some new photos of her foster kitties.

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