Oct 19 2012
03:02 pm

What is that yellow stuff in the air? Smog? Dirt/sand storm? Every horizon looks nasty. Can't see the mountains. Usually when it is windy the sky clears.

Anyone know what is going on?

Scenic Helicopters's picture


It's from the dust storms out in Oklahoma! Unbelievable... never seen anything like it in the 25 years of flying in this area!

bizgrrl's picture

Thanks! I didn't know. Felt

Thanks! I didn't know. Felt the same way, don't remember any thing like this before.

tennesseevaluesauthority's picture

Dust Bowl Days

Dust storm remnants make their way towards us.

Over on Google+ (yes, I'm the guy who uses it), a meteorologist was sharing some satellite images of the dust plume.

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Hey!! I use G+ more than FB

Hey!! I use G+ more than FB these days. It may be a trend that will reverse but right now I seem to see fewer kneejerk rethugnicans over there. Conservative voices actually try to articulate their position rather than just astro-turfing their way through the day. (They're still wrong but much more pleasant to deal with.)

tennesseevaluesauthority's picture

G+ Sidetrack

The kneejerks are there, but I've been unCircled the worst offenders. The ones I still converse with on other issues without everything becoming a political debate, I keep.

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I wondered too! Thanks for the info.

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Should make for a pretty

Should make for a pretty sunset though.

50 cents wasted's picture

Haven't heard Sen. Alexander's office yacking about it

must be a natural occurence or the product of the weather and suspended particle matter moving through the area

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Lance Coleman did a piece on

Brian A.'s picture

Huh. I wondered what was up.

Huh. I wondered what was up. Thought I had been transported to SoCal.

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The Dust was soo thick that on the Train ride, you could not see the mountains...

The conductor said that he had never seen it like was kinda spooky

R. Neal's picture

NASA photo...

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