Jul 21 2013
08:17 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL


Morris Day and the Time headlined Summer Soul Jam 2013 at the World's Fair Park Amphitheater last night. He is part James Brown, part Prince, and all Morris Day. He and his smoking hot band put on a funktastic extravaganza that blew the roof off. The SRO capacity crowd went crazy.

Among the other acts (a rap crew that opened the show, some guy who was a friend of Luther Vandross, and the silky smooth R&B of Silk), the old school soul and R&B set by local group Aftah Party was our favorite.

Between sets, MC Lightfoot and his DJ kept the energy going with stand up comedy and slick dance moves. That guy knows how to work the mic and a crowd.

A couple more cellphone pics after the break

Aftah Party

Audience members join Morris Day on stage for dance party

The Mrs. rushes the stage as usual for a close up

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Saw several Rule High alumni

Saw several Rule High alumni wearing these t-shirts:


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Great fun was had by all last

Great fun was had by all last night.

The Clinch bridge had quite a few people watching from a distance. I bet they got a little wet, but there was time to practically dry out. Or, it didn't matter because it was hot!

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Cool WUTK 90.3 interview with

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I believe Rule High had a

I believe Rule High had a class reunion today at Victor Ashe park. We there with the grandson and saw them getting ready for a little party and lunch.

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Back when I was in the 10th

Back when I was in the 10th grade at Holston High School, a girl from Rule transferred in after getting kicked out of the city system for having a butcher knife in her purse.
Us country kids catching the bus at Ritta School were verrrry polite to her.

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