Sep 12 2017
11:50 am

From Twitter

Millennial: I paid $1300 for my 1st iPhone"
Baby Boomer: I paid $1300 for my 1st car.
Greatest Generation: I paid $1300 for my 1st house.

We didn't even pay $1,300 for our first car.

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Try not to think of how much you paid for your first MB of RAM

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I remember when 10 MB hard

I remember when 10 MB hard drives were yuuuuuuge

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These things are relative.

A Levittown house in 1947 was a deal and cost $6990, not 1300. That's $79,584 in current dollars. $1,300 in 2017 is worth about $114 in 1947.

So yeah, a flagship iPhone is expensive, but it's not that expensive.

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