Sep 21 2017
11:20 am
By: michael kaplan  shortURL

Hillary Clinton has been making the rounds of talk and news shows promoting her new book What Happened.

I browsed through a copy and noticed that the exquisitely detailed index at the back was as long as a chapter. It was replete with names.

So I looked for "Goldman Sachs" and found ... nothing.

That kind of explains what happened ...

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I'm really not sure why it

I'm really not sure why it would be important to have a reference to Goldman Sachs in Clinton's new book.

I just read an Oct., 2016, Washington Post article about the speeches she was paid to give by Goldman Sachs.

After that passage, Clinton goes on to discuss Alexis de Tocqueville. The horror, the horror.

Maybe she didn't think it was worth putting it in the index/book.

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The Goldman Sachs speeches

The Goldman Sachs speeches became a rather contentious issue in the campaign, if you recall.

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So, yeah, Trump, who

So, yeah, Trump, who practically lived on Wall Street, turned out to be the way better candiate to Make America Great. Again. For the working people. Who are about to lose their health care.

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You're right. But it turned

You're right. But it turned out Trump - or his strategists - were a lot smarter than Clinton.

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Well, I'll give you

Well, I'll give you that.

But, don't forget that Clinton won the popular vote. The electoral college system failed its intended purpose.

I'm tempted to say that Trump and his people were smarter than their voters.

But I would have to say that was one of if not Clinton's worst failings... talking down to voters who most needed her to win.

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Was Lloyd Blankfein

Was Lloyd Blankfein mentioned?

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I don't know that Goldman

I don't know that Goldman needed to be called out specifically but the speeches and the blowback from the secrecy surrounding them was probably impactful enough that they deserve a mention. Did that happen?

If the book is a honest effort to understand how we ended up with DJT as POTUS then the speeches have to be in there.

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Russians, Comey, alt-right,

Russians, Comey, alt-right, Fox News?

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Yep, those need to be in

Yep, those need to be in there too. There are several places where the election could have feasibly turned and gone the other way. She needs to acknowledge all of them. If she does not, what will the junior establishment Dems learn? Nothing. They will simply go on to make those same mistakes again and again which will lead to longterm GOP rule which will be the destruction of the nation, if not the world.

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The problem with the final result of this election, or at least trying to break it down and analyze it, is that there were so many things that could have, and some would argue should have, happened, that didn't, that to try to blame it on an ally brings things back to why did things go down like this and what could have changed them. Lots of little things could have gone differently, any one of them bringing Hillary the election. We should be putting them on the table and learning, instead of pointing fingers and bitching.

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