Feb 8 2018
05:27 pm

First they give their corporate overlords trillions in tax cuts. Now they want to increase spending that would add a trillion to the federal debt?

The math doesn't add up unless the end game is bankruptcy. Trump knows all about that. He doesn't seem to know about "full faith and credit." Neither does Congress.

Oh, wait. The end game IS bankruptcy. That way they can get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

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"Full faith and credit"

"Full faith and credit" refers to the requirement that States respect and enforce the judicial decrees of other States. Not sure what you mean by that in this context.

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Ahh. As a lawyer my first

Ahh. As a lawyer my first reaction to that phrase turns to the Constitution. Duly noted.

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The Republican Congress is

The Republican Congress is helping dictator Trump create his "Make America Great Again" caste system.While a spineless Congress is doing everything it can to help Trump create a slave class, Trump's appointee to the Supreme Court is teaming with Clarence Thomas and company with new plans to destroy workers rights and basic civil rights in our country. It will take at least decades, if ever to recover from Trump. We need to resist the actions of this baffoon and vote in November to remove all members of Congress that are supporting him and his policies.

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