The Senate today approved legislation barring automatic teller machines (ATMs) in or near businesses that provide bail bonds, tattoos and body piercing from dispensing cash to people with welfare benefit cards.


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He forgot about slumlord

He forgot about slumlord payment offices.

Takes a lot of nerve for a slumlord like Stacey to propose this bill.

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Stacey Campfield is a

Stacey Campfield is a horrible excuse for a human being.

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I'm surprised the bail

I'm surprised the bail bonding industry let this get through. They like their midnight cash.

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Due Process?

From the article:

Sen. Douglas Henry, D-Nashville, questioned why bail bondsmen were included in the legislation and fretted detainees would linger in jail.

Replied Campfield: "He [suspect] should have thought about that before they did whatever crime they did."

Right there is a big problem -- assumption of guilt without proof.

however, this "bill" has shown up in other places around the country, like Idaho, Alabama, and Arizona.

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Stacey being unable to write

Stacey being unable to write bills and this showing up elsewhere demonstrates an organized effort. ALEC again maybe?

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That was my initial thought, that this was an ALEC-written bill. But, because the Bail Bonds industry is pretty heavily supportive of ALEC, I had some doubts this might be an ALEC-sponsored bill, just on it's face. Except, if you consider the higher cost to the poor, then the bail bonds industry wouldn't argue against this bill.

It's like trying to maneuver a land-mine-riddled-field to figure out the reasoning behind this crap.

Of course, liquor stores and tattoo parlors are located in many areas of a city, and that includes near housing for the poor. If the ATM at or near a liquor store is the only one in the neighborhood, what are these folks supposed to do then?

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assumption of guilt without proof


I did not think folks got enough in TNAF payments to pay their light bill, never mind enough to make bond. SNAP payments should not work at those places anyways, right?

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At or Near

The way this bill is written, specifically the "At or NEAR" a bail bonds, liquor store or tattoo parlor, says to me they are trying to limit how these folks get cash.

For example, if a bank with an ATM is on the corner of a street and the building next to the bank is a tattoo parlor or liquor store, would the TANF recipient be able to get cash from the ATM? How can a TANF recipient be responsible for where their nearest ATM is located?

Bottom line, it sounds like a whole new set of hardships being put on the poor.

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Randy had a good write-up on

Randy had a good write-up on EBT confusion.

The federal law, which does not preempt existing or planned state legislation, requires all states to take measures to prevent access to Tanf funds at liquor stores, casinos, and adult entertainment clubs.

It appears a lot of states are trying to put in more controls on TANF usage. I don't see any references to bail bonds.

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Follow the county in Alabama outsourcing court and jail admin

That way, the private company can impose fees and late payment penalties so that the poor amass huge debts for traffic tickets, jaywalking citations, etc. Then you arrest said poor person for failure to pay and sock them in the county jail for a few years! Then you set up a little workhouse-type industry using their free labor - et voila! China no longer can compete with Tennessee!

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a.k.a. the prison-industrial

a.k.a. the prison-industrial complex

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Given the locations..

Given the propensity for liquor stores to be conveniently located in poorer communities, a person wishing to use the TANF card for perfectly reasonable uses may have to travel miles and miles to find an ATM that meets legislative requirements.

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as seen in Nashville yesterday-

Brand new twin buildings going up in Nashville that are home to not one, but two separate payday lenders. Many of those places cash checks but do they offer ATM services?

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