Aug 9 2008
07:49 pm

Wow. I just heard on WBIR 10 News This week that Republican Kathy Bryant defeated Democrat Brad Anders for County Commission 6-A.

Or maybe I heard that wrong. Let's go to the tape for an instant replay:

Yep, that's what they said. I could have sworn that Bryant was the Democrat who was defeated by Republican Anders. But I could be wrong. Hope so, because we endorsed Bryant and were pulling for her to win.

(Katie's only been gone one day and look what happens!)

Rachel's picture

You're right. They're

You're right. They're wrong.


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Bryant, Sproles Drevik, Bob

Bryant, Sproles Drevik, Bob Dykes from South Doyle homeowners are folks I would like to see get appointments.

For instance Steve and Bob in particular would be solid additions to MPC commission. Replacing a couple of overly developer friendly types.

Who can we contact to help make it happen?

Rachel's picture

Who can we contact to help

Who can we contact to help make it happen?

If you want to influence MPC appts, first check the MPC website to see whose term might be expiring. Then contact either the City or County Mayor.

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Sad but true.....

Kathy saw this and called WBIR to tell them that she did not win. I helped her with the campaign and she ran a great race. She hopes to keep in touch with many citizens she met her district.

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