State Sen. Paul Stanley (R-Memphis) has resigned in the wake of an affair with an intern involving an alleged blackmailing attempt.

Tennessee progressives are sure to miss his legislative stylings. Here are some of his greatest hits from the last session:


SB0078: Bans gay adoption

SB0075: Creates school vouchers that take money away from public schools

SB0084: One of many "guns in bars" variations

SB0659: Exempts handgun carry permits from the public record

SB1435: Provides that owner of public or private property cannot prohibit lawful possession of firearms on that property

SB0089: Creates "In God We Trust" specialty license plate

SB0662: Regulates strip clubs, requires background checks and licensing of strippers (warning: explicit language, NSFW!)

SB0230: Redefines dairy farm to include all milk-producing animals

SB1092: Prohibits any state or local law requiring restaurants to publish nutritional information (note: vetoed)

SB1096: Prohibits courts from ordering payment of child support in cases of joint custody

SB1423: Chisels away at ban on corporate campaign donations, allows trade and professional associations to fund PACS

SB1426: Allows health care providers and pharmacists to refuse treatment and services on moral or religious grounds

SB0076: Tort "reform" limits patient's rights in cases of medical malpractice

SB1595: Prohibits state and local governments from requiring contractors to allow unions or pay more than the prevailing wage

SB0083: Prohibits local minimum/living wage ordinances

SB1954: The "Market Regulation Act of 2009" allows telecommunication operators to opt out of state regulations

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Good to see

Good to see he at least resigned. Now to get "hiking the AT" Sanford, "poopy diapers" Vitter, and so many others to follow his lead.

Like they all said about Clinton's zipper problem: "It's a constitutional crisis!"

"If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?"

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Hard to mention Paul

Hard to mention Paul Stanley's greatest hits without mentioning his vocals on "Calling Doctor Love" and "Love Gun" and "I Was Made For Loving You."

You could say he is two faced- one with makeup and one without!

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Evangelical Christian Sen.

Evangelical Christian Sen. Paul Stanley likely to join TNGA GOP Senate Adultery Caucus

April 9, 2009: Stanley campaign account pays big $$$ for "computer work"

Edited on Fri Jul-24-09 02:59 AM by doeriver

Do you suppose that the attorney representing Joel Watts will be looking into why Senator Stanley was spending $833.34 from his campaign account to pay for unspecified "COMPUTER WORK" the very same day that Watts was set up by the TBI for arrest (one can buy a new laptop for less than that amount of money)...?

2010 Early Mid Year Supplemental (2009) for PAUL STANLEY submitted on 07/13/2009

Date: 04/09/2009
Amount: $833.34

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